BY POPULAR DEMAND: TD Beam Kitchen (The Sequel)



Following the high level of interest in Tom Dixon’s TD Beam kitchen featured in yesterday’s post, we are following up today with a little more of a good thing. Designed by Tom Dixon in collaboration with Danish artisan manufacturers, Ekoij – The TD Beam kitchen is currently available for both commercial and residential use.



The inspiration for the forward thinking design was drawn from the four elements – earth, water, fire, and air. The result is a free standing kitchen that entirely revolves around a central solid iron beam. It’s from this main beam that a series of customized cantilever planes protrude.



The cantilevers serve a dual purpose – functioning as work surfaces as well as points of attachment for free hanging appliances.



While the system is a delicate balance of positive and negative space, the designers selected a bold material palette of iron, brass, wood and aggregate stone to underscore the kitchen’s ‘hardworking nature’.



Recently, Switzerland based interior designer Roger Stüssi incorporated the TD Beam into the loft-like residence you see here.



What do you think?


Photos: Lindholdt Studio.




  1. I think it’s an amazing piece of design. Faultless. Juxtaposition of elements are perfect, finishes are great. However, I do believe it’s very expensive, in the range of $73k which is prohibitive to many people. Love the article.

  2. Oops! Didn’t finish–I do agree that it is spectacular & only wish I could make it mine!

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