CALIBER: From Illegal Guns to Diamond Studded Cuffs

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It began with a simple goal – create jewelry to help fundraise and market for non-profit organizations. Five years later, former attorney and Jewelry for a Cause founder, Jessica Mindich, has given back over $400,000 in philanthropy dollars to worthy organizations.

The Caliber™ line, one of the company’s five collections, was named for the moniker’s double meaning; the caliber of a gun and how the caliber of a city is raised when illegal guns are taken off the streets. And so it follows that the line of cuff links, cuffs, and bangles is partially made from actual melted guns and bullet casings seized or obtained through police run gun buyback programs in Newark, NJ and Pittsburg, CA. Highlighting this fact, each series is stamped with a distinct serial number that corresponds to one of the reclaimed guns.









Jewelry for a Cause’s Caliber bracelets range in price from $150 for a simple cuff to $1,325 for a diamond studded bangle. The cufflinks range from $250 to $300 – A pretty fair price to pay for some very cool jewelry and such a worthy cause.


Photos: Jewelry for a Cause



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