Achille Salvagni’s Eclectic Rome Apartment

Achille Salvagni Rome Apartment

    There are few things I love more in design than to see a designer’s home – to see what can be achieve when the constraints of time, client preferences and, in some cases, budget are taken out of the mix. Such is the case with the 2,600 square foot home of Italian architect / designerread ON

MAKING AN ENTRANCE: Fifteen Doorways That Wow

Black House

    They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression and that adage is as true (sometimes painfully) in architecture and design as it is in life. With this in mind, and nest feathering season just around the corner - I’ve gathered a few inspirational doorways that have got that curb appeal thing down ON

DESIGN CHEMISTRY: Art Deco Meet Billy Cotton

Art Deco Mural

    Here’s a love match made in heaven – DISC Interiors pairing of Billy Cotton’s contemporary Stick Chandelier with a vintage Art Deco mural. Just look up and you can almost see the sparks fly.     Makes a girl want to paint a ceiling mural in her stairwell or bath or closet or… other smallread ON

A New Zealand Home Bridges Past & Present

Fearon Hay Harbour House

    Today we are highlighting one of Auckland, New Zealand’s earliest waterfront homes and its seamless transition from modest early 20th century villa into to-die-for harbour front home. Set on the inner Waitemata waterway, the original villa was built in 1910. To create a dwelling compatible with 21st century standards, Fearon Hay Architects devised aread ON

COZY TIME: Thirteen Lust Worthy Fireplaces


    To wrap up the week, we’ve gathered 13 fireplaces from D’s files – because keeping cozy (and gorgeous) isn’t just a fall, winter thing. Above – Originally built in 1910, this Auckland, New Zealand home enjoys a gorgeous new fireplace by Fearon Hay Architects. Photo by Simon Wilson.     A pared down fireplace in anread ON

Designer Mark Zeff’s Black Barn Retreat

Mark Zeff Hampton Barn

    Adept at designing just about everything from brand logos to luxury yachts, South African native and Manhattan based designer, Mark Zeff, has taken a decidedly understated approach to the design of his family’s East Hampton summer home.           Flying in the face of the traditional white and weathered cedar so commonread ON

THE PRICE OF DESIRE: A New Film About Eileen Gray

Eileen Gray - The Price of Desire

  The early days – Orla Brady as Eileen Gray and Alanis Morissette as her lover, Damia. Photo by Julian Lennon.   It was the summer of 1925 when Irish furniture maker/architect Eileen Gray began designing what would become one of the most important modernist homes of the 20th century…   On set – aread ON