Modern Technology Meets Old World Shoe Making

      Melding the best in old world craftsmanship with the ultimate in biomorphic 3D scanning technology, The Left Shoe Company is taking men’s footwear to new heights in comfort and style. The process begins at one of the company’s globally located stores or pop-up shops with what is simply the most accurate and detailedread ON

‘THE ART OF SCIENCE’: Dr. Adam P. Summers Photo Exhibit

  Whitespotted Greenling, © Adam Summers   On display at the Seattle Aquarium through Spring 2014, is a stunning series of scientifically prepared marine life transformed into photographic art by University of Washington professor Dr. Adam P. Summers. His subject matter was chosen from the university’s marine lab library which houses hundreds of water bornread ON

PERSPECTIVE: Time Lapse of Earth from the ISS

    Buckle up bunnies, because today I have a video worth far more than its 2.25 minute watch time. ‘The World Outside My Window – Time-Lapse of Earth from the ISS’ by David Peterson is providing the plugged in world with a hearty dose of perspective on a very grand scale. The short movieread ON

The Computer Generated Worlds of Talcik Demovicova

    Welcome to the magical world of the talented Slovakia based digital artists Juraj Talcik and Veronika Demovicova. For the Pinterest crazed among you, you may have already stumbled upon an image or two of of this stunning Haussmanian-era Paris apartment but what you may not be aware of is that the entire thingread ON

The Magical Lumigraphie of Bastien Carré

    Artist and designer Bastien Carré first began experimenting with lighting and its effects on emotion while a design student in Paris. From there he spent some time as a furniture designer, before becoming inspired by the emerging creative potential of LED technology in 2007. From that point on. he put his scientific mind and artistic heartread ON

The End To Your Font Wondering Woes

    As some of you may know, I am an interior designer by training but over the past couple of years of blogging, magazine making and personal website building, I’ve become more than a little obsessed with graphic design – so much so that I’ve even begun working as one in my non-interior designread ON

TIMBRE SPEAKER: Student Casey Lin’s Latest Creation

    Last month, New Zealand based architecture and industrial design major Casey Lin (21) introduced the Timbre Speaker - a music device speaker she created as part of a class assignment.     Stripped down to its bare essentials, Timbre’s main components consist of a Black American Walnut wood box, two glass vessels, a combined powerread ON