Chandeliers of Chicken Wire by Rick Tegelaar



Prepare to have your minds blown my friends because the stunning pieces you see here are made out of one very un-glamorous material – chicken wire – and the process used to make it? Well, you will not want to miss it. The Meshmatics series (to which the chandelier above is the latest addition) was developed by The Netherlands based designer Rick Tegelaar. The underlying concept behind the growing lighting line is the transformation of mundane, everyday materials into the unexpected and extraordinary. Mission accomplished!




What initially began as a conceptual project researching paper mesh, has since evolved into a technique suitable for producing professional grade products. The implements and apparatus you see below are the tools Tegelaar developed to enable him to meticulously and accurately mold his material of choice into an endless array of new possibilities.









Be sure to watch the video above to view Tegelaar’s process in action!





While Tegelaar’s latest chandelier lies as bare chicken wire, the fixtures that preceded it (shown above) are a combination of chicken wire and bamboo paper. The paper is applied to the mesh skeleton while damp and due to its unique long fibered structure, contracts snugly as it dries around the wire frame, providing support and strength. Tegelaar’s Meshmatics series is currently available through his online shop.


Photos: Atelier Rick Tegelaar. Process Images: screen shots from Meshmatics video.




  1. Yes, my mind was blown! So cool to see the lamp being made!

  2. OMG!! Beautiful!!! :)

  3. Noelle Davis says:

    He’s a mathematical genius and I want one of his lamps!

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