DSHOP: They’re Back… Pulls, Knobs & Handles



Following a brief hiatus, DSHOP’s Nest Studio line of knobs, pulls and handles are back in stock where they are waiting for their forever homes. Shown here is a small teaser but if you love what you see… be sure to swing by the shop where you can view the full collection and learn a bit about each and every piece.





Until tomorrow…




  1. The brass would have looked great in my office, darn it.

    • Hi John! Would have loved to have seen those handles in there. Are you settling in? Dying to see that office. I re-sent a confirmation email today. Hopefully all went through.

  2. Yes, got the confirmation e-mail. Sorry, I neglected to tell my wife we had already talked!

  3. Oh and regarding the office, there are some terrible cell phone pictures on my Flickr. About half our stuff is still in boxes, but as soon as I dig up my camera battery I’ll take some decent photos of everything. We’re still waiting for a lot of furniture, carpets, and haven’t hung anything on the walls yet.


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