GILLES & BOISSIER: an extended tour of their new Paris home

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Today you will be treated to some outtakes from the November 2012 issue of DPAGES. Why? Because sometimes it’s just not possible to fit all the goodness into one issue. And so without further ado… I welcome you on a more thorough tour of the new Paris apartment of Dorothée Boissier and Patrick Gilles of Gilles & Boissier.
Shown above – the dining room. Both the table and fireplaces were designed in a beautiful matte black cedar.

A studio space. The Versailles parquet floors were carefully restored, along with the 19th century mirror and other architectural details. The table is designed by Patrick Gilles and the chair by Christian Astuguevielle.

It’s in the details – Gilles & Boissier often wrap their lighting wires in rope.

The lounge shown above – where a bright yellow was chosen to emphasize the beauty of the ceiling beams – is the one exception to the home’s overall neutral color scheme. An abstract motif was drawn directly upon the walls (a practice we see repeated in several of Gilles & Boissier’s projects). The sofa and marble top table were designed in-house by Gilles & Boissier.

The kitchen’s vintage damier (checkered) flooring is the work of a careful restoration.

At 120 square meters (over 1,290 square feet) these new living quarters now attach to the Gilles & Boissier office where Patrick and Dorothée employ a small group of designers and architects. The two spaces encircle the building’s central courtyard, resulting in an enfilade of rooms filled with light. Within the residential portion of the property, the talented design duo worked to restore the Napoleon III style architectural details and chose to keep nearly all the walls white as Gilles put it, to “create a white canvas for creativity”. Judging from their stunning body of work, their canvas for creativity is serving them very very well. View more from Gilles & Boissier in the November 2012 issue of DPAGES.

Photos 1-4,8,9 by Matthieu Salvaing via the October 2012 issue of Elle Decor Italia. Photos 5, 6, 7, 10, 11 courtesy of Gilles & Boissier.


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    • D
      March 1, 2014

      Hi Sarah. Aren’t they great? I love all of their work.

  1. pepita
    June 19, 2014

    me gusta, me gusta, me gusta

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