BOO! Grace Eunmi Lee’s Monstrously Lovable Ceramics

Grace Eunmi Lee Ceramic Art

    Born and raised in Seoul, Korea – artist Grace Eunmi Lee is “interested in things that are unnoticed and appear to have little or no significance…”.  Aptly, her work is inspired by microorganisms which she represents in the form of tiny, yet monstrously adorable, ceramic creatures. While some of her pieces are availableread ON

OCTOBER FAVORITES: D’s Little List of Loves

October 2014 Favorites

    CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT   1. PURSE – Alix Leather Padlock & Zip Shoulder Bag by Tom Ford ($1,990) – Neiman Marcus 2. PENDANT LIGHT – Double Angle by Michael Anastassiades ($3,825) – The Future Perfect 3. MIRROR – Midnight Round ($900) – DSHOP 4. CONTAINER – Globo Box ($198 – $398) – Jonathanread ON

TRISTAN AUER: French Eclectic Savoir Faire

Tristan Auer Interior Design

    Paris based designer Tristan Auer describes his approach to design as eclectic – often referencing Baroque, mid century, contemporary and just about everything in between. AD France describes his style as “a new graphic classicism”. As for D… well I’m just a sucker for that French savoir faire that he cultivated while working for theread ON


Holiday Table Challenge Contest

    D’ HOLIDAY TABLE CHALLENGE PRIZE: One lucky entrant will receive a DSHOP credit for $500 USD in the form of an alpha numeric code. The winning holiday table design will receive social media coverage and a November feature (in the form of a blog post) on ELIGIBILITY: We accept entries from aroundread ON

Wang Ruilin’s Soulful Animal Sculptures

Wang Ruilin Rhino Sculpture

    Based in Beijing, artist Wang Ruilin creates stunning animal sculptures infused with a profound sense of meaning and emotion. When asked about his work, the artist explains that his goal is not to depict a horse or whale per se, but rather to borrow their images as a vehicle to express his own thoughtsread ON

PALETTE CLEANSER: A Cure For Your Design Malaise

Blue Bedroom

    For design enthusiasts living in the new media age of blogs, online magazines, and social media – the barrage of design eyecandy can be an amazing tool but for some, including the design addicts among us, this twenty-four-seven access to our drug of choice can be a double edge sword. Slowly, it can become more and more difficult toread ON

THE LION’S SHARE: London Design Festival 2014

The London Design Festival 2014

    London’s annual Design Festival wrapped up earlier this week and after some serious editing, D has gathered the lion’s share of the cool, beautiful and, at times, quirky finds for your viewing pleasure. Hope you enjoy! Above – Nika Zupanc’s new Trophy Table Lamp for Sé.     The beautiful new Pleat Benchread ON