THE SOFTER SIDE OF SOUND: Vifa’s Copenhagen Speaker

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Founded in Denmark in 1933, the Vifa brand has spent the better part of 80 years supplying premium loudspeaker units to the high end market. As the company closes in on a century of successful business behind the scenes they’ve made a shift, standing poised to take center stage with the first of what will be a series of their own speaker designs. The goal is a simple one, to combine Vifa’s technical foundation of quality sound production with a nordic-centered approach to design. Each speaker is slated to take its name from a nordic city and it all begins this month with the debut of the Copenhagen.




Based on years of research into user preferences, the wireless, portable Copenhagen is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery and connects wirelessly via Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay or dlna to nearly any computer, tablet or cell phone.




As for the aesthetics… well we think they are pretty great. In transit the speaker hearkens back to boomboxes of old with its integrated handle and healthy yet tote-able size. But it’s when stationary that the Copenhagen’s design really shines, with features that include a sleek matte polished aluminum frame, a woven wool speaker fabric custom designed by Kravit, embroidered volume buttons, and six decor friendly colorways ranging from a business-like charcoal to poppy colorful options like turquoise and orange.




The end result is not only a fun, functional and good looking accessory for your home but also a more human, touchable, dare I say even cozy approach to speaker design.




For more information on Copenhagen’s features and tech details I recommend a swing by their website at vifa.dk.


Photos courtesy of Vifa



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