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A Historical Home Renovation

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Modern Kitchen Design by duearchitetti



a grand structure which was once the residence of a wealthy Milanese family, Casa AG is a ground-floor apartment that was recently overhauled when the building—which dates back to the end of the eighteenth century—was divided into multiple dwellings. Varese-based architectural firm duearchitetti was called in to renovate the unit, and their restrained approach is a testament to timelessness. Their design for the space succeeds in referencing the building’s past while bringing the residence clearly into the present.


Rustic Kitchen Design by duearchitetti


Trough Sink in a Renovation by duearchitetti



of the design appear from the moment you enter—the apartment’s cross-barrel vaulted ceilings, central Doric column, and a beautiful long stone trough which lines the edge of the kitchen.


Eclectic Kitchen Renovation by duearchitetti


Interior Architecture by duearchitetti



architectural elements of the structure engage in a continuous dialogue with modern touches and the design is enhanced by their contemporary interpretation.


Contemporary Italian Home Renovation by duearchitetti


Minimal Staircase Design by duearchitetti



divide the smooth surfaces of the cross-barrel vaulted ceiling space, juxtaposed with portions that are made up of exposed rustic wooden beams that have been painted white along with the rest of the interiors.


Historical Home Renovation by duearchitetti


Minimal Interior Architecture by duearchitetti



of five-arched windows lines the north/east façade, providing views towards the city of Varese, while wide rectangular openings that face the courtyard allow the afternoon light to enter—helping to integrate the relationship between the indoor and outdoor space.


Historical Apartment Renovation by duearchitetti


A Historical Renovation by duearchitetti



the home’s history and its perfect imperfections, the architects selected their material palette with care. Polished concrete surfaces alternate with wooden floors, and wood is used to contain the volumes—separating the entrance from the open kitchen by a thick wall-like storage unit, and shielding the bedrooms from the social spaces with a similar divider. Satin-finished glass walls not only delineate the space, they also bring a diffused light into the bathrooms—lighting up the home like a lantern at night.


Design by duearchitetti

Photography by Simone Bossi

Text by Jennifer Lagdameo



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