ANDRÉE PUTMAN: remembering a grand dame

This past Saturday, at the age of 87, famed Parisian designer Andrée Putman passed away at her home. Known internationally for her interior design savvy, the self taught Andrée’s career took flight following a divorce when she discovered a passion for forgotten 1930s french modernist furniture. Little in demand at the time, Andrée founded Ecart in 1978 to help market her flea market finds. Through Ecart, Andrée also established her own design practice. She began by designing the homes of friends but as word of mouth spread, she took on increasingly challenging projects. In 1980 Andrée was selected by Ian Schrager for the design of the Morgans Hotel in Manhattan. Touted as the first of the boutique hotels, this was the job that brought Andrée and her work to the world. Over the course of her multifaceted career, Andrée created everything from furniture to flatware, and movie sets to high rise apartment complexes. Andrée’s daughter Olivia took over the role of creative directer at Andrée Putnam studio in 2007, carrying on her mother’s legacy. Below is just a small selection of a life’s work.

“To not dare is to have already lost. We should seek out ambitions, even unrealistic projects…because things only happen when we dream.” – Andrée Putman

Door handles for a Parisian home, 2003.

Kitchen in a Parisian home, 2003.

Sitting room design in a Parisian home, featuring Putman’s Crescent Moon and Clair De Jour seating.

 Hotel Pershinghall, Paris, 2001.

Bedroom design featuring Andrée Putnam’s, Voie Lactée rug. Spain, 2004.

Kitchen in a Spanish home, 2004.

A rooftop pool of a Bruxelles penthouse, 2008. Created after Andrée’s daughter Olivia took over as creative director, this beautiful space exhibits clear links with earlier projects by Andrée.

Sculptural hall in a Shanghai home, 2004.

Compas Dans L’oeil lamps for Baldinger, 1988.

A Dallas home, 2004.

Set design for Artcurial Paris, 2010 featuring Andrée’s famous ball foot tub.

Hoesch Bathtub Putman 2004.

Lucky Collection (collection of vessels) – a collaboration with Gaia Gino 2005.

Gildo Pastor Center, Monaco, 1996. The stair was designed to resemble a necklace.

A collaboration with Charles Jourdan, Paris, 1992.

Photos: 1. based on portrait by Jean Baptiste Huynh, 2, 3, 5, 8, 11-15., 4. by Francois Hallard, 6, 7. by Henry Bourne via T Magazine, 10. Baldinger, 16. via Lucindaville, 17. via the republic of less



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