Brilliant Blogger(s)

We’re looking to deliver ever more stunning content to our design hungry audience. Qualifications include: A+ writing skills, Photoshop proficiency, blogging experience, and a design aesthetic that’s harmonious with the D brand. An educational background in architecture or interior design is a plus.

Editor Plus

We’re looking for a top notch blog editor to perfect written content and send it out to the world. Qualifications include: A+ writing and editing skills, experience with WordPress and Mailchimp. Social media experience is a plus.


We’re looking for a detail oriented coder who can bend, twist, and pretzel our Shopify site to beautiful and functional results. Qualifications include: mad coding skills, extensive experience with the Shopify platform, and a passion for checking and rechecking for any glitches prior to launch.

Let's Get Started!
  • Please send a brief bio, including your full name, relevant employment background, educational background, and 2-3 samples of your work. Links to your website are acceptable. Then…