TABLE SETTING: Consulting the Experts

Paola Navone Taste Plates Reichenbach

    October is fine dining month here on DPAGES so I thought it apropos to cover the topic of table setting. The truth is, when it comes to entertaining, yours truly is not particularly domestic and frankly even the thought of hosting a party in excess of three or four can can lead to an outbreak ofread ON

SEMI FINE DINING: Because Casual is Cool

Gomez Associates Dining Nook

    As DPAGES’ Holiday Table Challenge rolls on I’ve got dining spaces on the mind, and today we’re taking it down a notch (in a good way) with a selection of dining areas that don’t take themselves too seriously. Because from the coziest of dining nooks to the earthiest of kitchen tables, sometimes the best settingsread ON

DSHOP Welcomes Lambert & Fils Lighting!

Lambert & Fils + DSHOP

    Set in a small boutique that exudes the kind of charm you’d expect from a mid-century era mom and pop shop, lies the Montreal-based lighting design studio of Lambert & Fils. With an emphasis on quality and craftsmanship, this unique line takes inspiration from mid-century Modernism, the Industrial Age, and a modern-day minimalist aesthetic. The result – a timeless lightingread ON

A Little Inspiration From Holiday Tables Past

Holiday Table

    Happy Friday my lovies. Are you gearing up to style your space for D’s HOLIDAY TABLE CHALLENGE? I hope so because we have a $500 shopping spree and holiday feature waiting just for you! I know the holidays can get hectic so we’re getting a jump on the season with a visit to holiday seasons past – pullingread ON

NEW LEASE ON LIFE: O’Neill Rose Landmark Renovation

Oneill Rose Architects West Side Townhouse

    Architects Devin O’Neill and Faith Rose of O’Neill Rose Architects had their work cut our for them when they were approached to renovate a landmark Romanesque Revival in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Originally designed by George H. Budlong in the late 1880s, the once stately townhouse had been sectioned into a series of singleread ON

ORQUESTRA: Tableware Based on Harmony & Rhythm

David Nicolas Orquestra Tableware for Vista Alegre

    David Raffoul and Nicolas Moussallem of david/nicolas, have designed a new collection of porcelain tableware based on the poetry of music. Casting themselves as composers, the designers explain, each meticulously placed line acts as a sort of note with their directions, weights and interplay forming complex harmonies and rhythms. In the end, the disparatelyread ON

It’s Fine Dining Month On DPAGES!

Wall Mural Dining Room

    In celebration of DPAGES’ first annual Holiday Table Challenge, yours truly has christened the month of October Fine Dining Month. For those not already in the know, over the course of the next three weeks, DPAGES is inviting all readers to dress their dining tables in full holiday style and then share photos of itread ON