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houses are some of the most sought-after properties in London. Known for their large rooms with high ceilings and neat, symmetrical exterior proportions, they are graceful and measured in their construction. It is a style inextricably linked to the great British architect John Nash who designed most of London’s sweeping white terraces as well as Brighton’s Royal Pavilion and Buckingham Palace.

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This townhouse…

in Islington London, a vibrant residential area known for its independent boutiques, eclectic eateries and antiques haunts, was built in the early 19th century in the late Georgian style, with a signature stucco facade, front door fanlight and grand arches on the ground floor, with sash windows throughout, flooding interiors with light and imbuing rooms with a sense of stately beauty. 

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such as, ‘elegant’, ‘distinguished’, ‘regal’ and ‘restrained’ are regularly used to describe this architectural style associated with many of London’s legally protected and historically listed buildings. Belgian interior designer Nathalie Deboel has deftly translated these descriptions into a language of design that fully embraces the classic, yet manages to skirt the strict and conservative, so that spaces feel warm, inviting and well-curated. The family who owns this residence leads a peripatetic lifestyle, splitting their time between Belgium, Paris and London. Since Deboel’s design ethos is anchored in the idea of comfort ‘built around the individual’, she has gravitated towards statement design pieces that are unfussy yet innovative; that move the imagination towards notions of travel, the handcrafted and creative experimentation. 

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A main…

lounge area on the first floor overlooking a quiet leafy street channels calm and sophistication, with pops of color in the form of vintage mid-century furniture and plush upholstery in soft velvet and boucle wool. A handmade walnut bookcase from Deboel’s own furniture line, Nomad, acts as a centrepiece as well as a symbol of honest, organic design. Much like traditional Japanese woodworking, there are no screws or bolts used in this collection: notches are made in the wooden rods and planks so all the elements simply slot together. The only addition are decorative details in brass. Like a minimalist version of a cabinet of curiosities, Deboel says the bookcase is intended for “objects that have meaning to the individual and their loved ones… objects you try to rescue if your home was on fire.” It’s a sentiment that echoes her feeling that a home should be a marker of personal style and character, with interiors that evoke the lived and felt human experience of those who dwell there.

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This balance…

between historic storytelling and modern creative craftsmanship is best illustrated by a corner kitchen which draws its inspiration from heritage countryside pantries and kitchens thanks to dark navy profiled cabinetry, a ceramic farmhouse sink and a retro style Smeg Victoria induction freestanding cooker. The classic Shaker look of this assembly is offset by sleek grey-veined marble which wraps around the entire space, reaching up from the bench-top to the backsplash to an integrated shelf. 

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The dining…

room celebrates casual, easy-going family mealtimes with a custom-made banquette which rests against the room’s original wainscot panelling. Here, Deboel combines the charm of a retro look – via blush pink velour cushioning, vintage glass wall sconces and mid-century walnut chairs – with a touch of cutting-edge dynamism thanks to her bespoke Line table, designed in her own studio and crafted from natural stone coated in waxed concrete. By combining these two visual themes, this room has a welcoming ‘lived in’ feel that also harnesses it’s sophisticated and genteel spirit.  

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design for a main bathroom recalls the vintage industrial style of Regency-era households with bold geometric tiles framed by dark grout, along with playful decorative pieces including a retro brass framed mirror, antique brass sconces fitted with fluted glass and old-style mixer taps with ceramic levers. 

Each room is a clin d’œil to the past, an expression of traditional sensibilities through a fresh modern lens that ineffably conveys pleasing order and a sense of the visually ‘correct’. Put simply and succinctly in Deboel’s own words, “our projects must feel just right as if it was always intended this way.”

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Interior Design: Nathalie Deboel

Photography: Cafeine