TRANSITIONING IN STYLE: a selection of interior doorways

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Standing as trusty markers of our transitions from one space to the next, the ubiquitous doorway is all too frequently neglected if not entirely forgotten. But here, today, that is all going to change, as our interior portals get the attention they deserve, with 17 images worth of our undivided love and attention. From the quirky to the classic, from the narrow to the grand, I hope you all find yourselves inspired to make your daily transitions just a little more special. Above – One dramatic doorway accented with some jazzy curtains in the Paris apartment of Lauren Santo Domingo. The fabric is Kubus by Pierre Frey ($394 per yard). Photo by Oberto Gili for Vogue.



Two tall, thin and deep arches are at once architecturally functional and sculptural. Photo via Kinnasand.



Another tall arch in an home designed by the Netherlands based interior architect Remy Meijers.



Twin doorways lined in black wood punctuate transitions between rooms in the Denver home of designer Mikhail Dantes. Photo by Emily Minton Redfield for Elle Decor.



Now here is a doorway I know you would love to walk through! Elongated, to allow for storage and lined in wood, this through-way leads to the Paris sitting room of designer Pierre Yovanovitch.



A 3d CNC milled sliding door in a Chelsea townhouse designed by Archi-Tectonics.



A doorway formed by two walls that don’t quite meet. The gorgeously dark kitchen just beyond adds additional drama. Designed by the Antwerp based design firm Co.studio.



The view from the dining room into the living room in this Italian villa is set off and framed by a super simplified Arc de Triomphe-like structure. Photo by Philip Vile via  Italian Villas.



Light wood and glass paned doors mark the beginning and end of the kitchen/dining area in this Holland farmhouse. Interior architecture by Remy Meijers.



Wrought iron and glass paned doors serve as space dividers in this kitchen/dining room designed by the Belgium based kitchen specialists at Obumex.



Gorgeous glass paned doors designed by Nate Berkus. Photo by Roger Davies via Oprah.com.



A wall of pink glass complete with a sliding door marks the office of an advertising agency’s founder. Interior architecture by Luca Andrisani.



A classic glossy black door is easy, inexpensive and always makes a statement. Photo by Richard Powers.



If  you are looking to create some seriously authentic looking character, Hull Historical of Fort, Worth Texas is one of the best when it comes to architectural millwork. Shown above, French-style paneling and moldings. Photo via Elle Decor.



A hidden door leads to the bathroom in the New York apartment of Calvin Klein fashion designer Francisco Costa. Interior design by Mark Cunningham.



More hidden door coolness with this Vertical Pivot System door by the invisible door specialists at the Italian company L’Invisibili.



And we close with this gorgeous shot of a floor to ceiling sliding door in an Australian residence designed by Wonder. It doesn’t get much better than this! Photo by Paul Barbera.


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  1. March 7, 2013

    awesome…lovely selection.

  2. March 11, 2013

    Thanks for featuring a photo of Hull Historical’s work as an example of a well-designed doorway. We actually have a new blog called “The Timeless House” that gives rules for designing, building and crafting a timeless house in an instant age. We’d love for you to check it out, http://www.brenthullcompanies.com/blog

    • D
      March 12, 2013

      Thanks, Brent Hull. I can’t wait to see it! I’m on my way now…

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