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A Catskill Mountain Home

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Catskills Mountain Home by Corpus Studio



the Catskill Mountains of Upstate New York, the Oak Refuge by Paris-based Corpus Studio mixes a keen feel for local cabin vernacular with the concept of Gesamtkunstwerk. The direct translation from German – “total art work”- refers to a holistic approach to artistic creation that embraces all aspects of the piece – in this case, the landscape, architecture, design and decor were considered in equal measure and without distinction to create a successful whole.


Living Room with Wood Paneling by Corpus Studio


Contemporary Rustic Living Room by Corpus Studio



a raw palette of rough wood paneling, concrete flooring and blackened steel set the stage while pops of brass and earthy tones add sparkle and warmth. Expanses of glazing serve double duty – at once framing out picturesque surrounds while drawing in light and shadow to emphasize the sculptural interior lines. Taking center stage as the most sculptural of all is the ceramic, tree-trunk-shaped fireplace designed in dialogue with the forest surrounds.


Modern Rustic Dining Room by Corpus Studio


Contemporary Mountian Home by Corpus Studio



the plan oscillates between a contemporary open plan and a more cozy closed format. This versatility in delineation is achieved through a pair of large, wall-sized sliding doors capable of sectioning the interior into 5 mini cabins. The design team’s exploration in contrast is carried through to the decor where Achille Castiglioni’s airy 1960s Taraxacum pendants play off a massive slab of black granite in the kitchen, and sleek delicately framed furnishings contrast with the earthy texture of fur, wood, and leather. In the end, each element exists as part of the larger whole in a true exercise in Gesamtkunstwerk… Castskill style.


Sculptural Ceiling by Corpus Studio


Architecture & design by Corpus Studio.

Imagery courtesy of Corpus Studio.



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  1. May 02, 2018, 4:47 pm

    The interior design of this home very much reminds me of the Wabi-Sabi style of interior design. There is something very zen about it’s simplicity and airiness. Love it!

  2. May 03, 2018, 4:50 am

    So surprise for your sharing. Everything is perfect for me! Thanks you!

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