About Dpages

Founded in 2011, Dpages began as a small magazine with a simple goal – to showcase the work of talented artists, architects, and designers, alongside stories that delve into the heart, hard work, and lessons that are part of their journey towards design excellence. Since that time, D has grown and evolved into the site you see here. With close to 1,000 posts to date, D remains passionately committed to sharing all that is cool and beautiful in the world of art, architecture, and design.

Dpages founder has studied interior design and architecture both in the United States and in Milan, Italy. Although a Master of Interior Design Graduate, her career plans were once quite different. Translation – she clocked more hours than she cares to remember with scalpel in hand and cadaver on table. Today she lives in Maryland, where she works as a designer, and of course as the editor-in-chief of Dpages and founder of Dshop.

Born in the same spirit of sharing that launched Dpages, Dshop is a place where D’s founder goes beyond just showing you what she loves, to actually placing it into your hands and homes. Dshop is proud to be named as one of Elle Decor’s “50 best sites for buying furniture”. We hope you love what’s in store!