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A Country Home Transformation

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Contemporary Eclectic Kitchen by Mar Silver | DPAGES



designer Mar Silver believes, “A home should feel like a personal sanctuary, that renews your energy and feeds your soul.” It’s a philosophy she applies to all of her interiors whether they be Boston’s Ritz Carlton or a luxury family home. In recent years, Silver’s signature earthy-meets-modern style has landed her in high demand among a certain well-heeled set of North Easterners, and it’s just this aesthetic that caught the eye of a local Fairfield County family. Their challenge for Silver was to breathe modern life into their colonial country house, all while maintaining the feel of home.


A Colonial House's Modern Renovation by Mar Silver | DPAGES


A Colonial House's Modern Renovation by Mar Silver | DPAGES



with Silver’s eclectic leanings, the ground floor is a well-edited assemblage of era and style. From the striking vintage chandeliers and art deco dining chairs to the mid-century Serge Mouille floor lamp and Norman Cherner bar stools – each item plays off the other with just the right amount of tension. In the kitchen, the exercise in contrast continues, where rich black-oak cabinets are set off by luxurious swaths of light Calacatta marble and industrial steel windows frame out lush landscapes. To hold it all together, the team opted for a limited color palette in shades of black, white and rich brown wood – adding definition through contrast in texture and tone rather than color.


Black Oak & Calacatta Mable Kitchen by Mar Silver | DPAGES


Minimal Bathroom design by Mar Silver | DPAGES



exercise of cohesion, Silver carries through the language of the public spaces into the more private rooms. In the guest bath, a muted limestone floor plays off the shimmer of glass mosaics, while a teak bench and organic hamper bring a dose of earthiness to the sleek space. In the master bedroom, the emphasis on texture and tone continues in a rich cocoon of dark walls, luxurious fabrics and pops of light furnishings. Modern/eclectic, industrial/organic, textured/sleek… Silver conducts an unexpected symphony in contrasts, all while staying true to her ultimate design philosophy of home as sanctuary.


A Colonial Home's Modern Renovation by Mar Silver | DPAGES


Photography courtesy of Mar Silver.



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