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New York City…

based interior designer Magdalena Keck says that her aesthetic style is shaped by the creative interpretation of a home in relation to its owner(s), or as she puts it, “the balanced resonance between the environment, time, and the inhabitant.”

This four-bedroom residence in East Hampton belongs to an art lover who wanted an elegant holiday residence that would reflect his own creative ethos and ideals. Working with this narrative, Keck has brought his passions and values to life through noble materials, objets d’art and an open spatial configuration that encourages the eye to wander and really engage with its surroundings. 

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designed the living room around a handful of artworks and collectibles, introducing a sense of order, interest and focus to the space. The room is segmented by two large yellow ochre sofas by French architect-designer India Mahdavi, framing a wooden fireplace and overlooking a flat screen tv as well as a pair of sculptural Clara Porset-inspired chairs – creating a kind of fortress or hub for thinking, discussion and relaxation. 

Hung on the back wall above the mantle, is a delicate nature print produced in the late 1980s by Italian painter and printmaker Leo Guida. It sits alongside a solid spun-bronze vase by young Belgian artisan Michael Verheyden and a contemporary oil painting by Philadelphia-based artist, Andrea Hornick, who recaptures a Renaissance style in her modern portraits. These small but impactful items are also indicative of Keck’s overarching vision for this home, as she presents old world charm in a new world way, infusing interiors with a timeless quality that inspires a sense of wonder and daring. 

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The lounge…

is accessed by a long, light-filled hallway with an open plan and one-point perspective that leads towards a glass door and garden view. Capitalizing on the gallery-like configuration of this area, the designer has organically integrated eye-catching artworks within the space, so that it feels important and occupied like an exhibition hall. Points of interest include a striking stone sculpture by Japanese ceramicist Yasuhisa Kohyama, a Bauhaus-inspired modern armchair by Italians Afra and Tobia Scarpa, and a dramatic ‘teardrop’ chandelier. The wooden console shelving was designed by Keck herself.  

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The meandering…

patterns of grey-veined marble create their own painterly effect in a monochromatic kitchen, equipped with matching black steel cabinets fitted with ribbed glass doors. Above, a pair of angular matte black Pelle pendant lights completes the edgy yet minimal look.

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order and focus on materiality continues in a handsome dining room, which is dominated by a rich walnut table, surrounded by vintage Molteni ‘Monk’ chairs. Together, the furnishings’ well-calibrated proportions and clean lines exude a strong yet inviting atmosphere.

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The bedrooms…

repeat the reductive aesthetic of the dining room, though in a softer manner, with tactile fabrics, streamlined oak furniture and subtly textured surfaces, marked by rattan headboards, hand-knotted rugs, and gauzy cashmere window curtains by Kaiser Decor.

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juxtapositions are something of a speciality for Magdalena Keck, and the designer has explored the idea of visual contrasts by creating a radical stylistic ‘split’ between the home’s light and airy upper levels and the new basement den which is dominated by an enveloping forest green on walls, ceilings and drapes.  Inspired by “the mood of a bygone-era social club”, this daring subterranean area incorporates a home theater, poker and pool table, a bar, and a gym, to complete this unique residence – a home full of discerning design choices punctuated by the unexpected.

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Interior Design: Magdalena Keck 

Interior Photography: Jeff Cate