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her “soulful minimalism”, Manhattan based interior designer Tina Ramchandani cut her design teeth while working for some of the city’s top luxury design firms. Following an invaluable period practicing with the celebrated Vincent Wolf Associates, Ramchandani set out in 2014 to found Tina Ramchandani Creative where she now leads her own team of talented designers – turning out highly customized design solutions for a well-heeled clientele. In the five years that have ensued, the firm’s work has been recognized by the likes of Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, The Wall Street Journal, and most recently DPAGES. Last year, Ramchandani was named a “2018 Next Waver” by House Beautiful rendering us more than a little thrilled to have the chance to interview her on one of her most striking projects to date…



D: Let’s dive in! What was the concept behind this interior?

TR: I call this space the Happiest Hour, it’s a lounge space that reflects the change from evening to night.



D: Was there an overarching design goal?

TR: When I first entered this blank room on the fourth floor of a modern Soho townhouse, I knew I wanted to create a relaxing environment to unwind in. I envisioned something serene yet lively, with refined layers and a layout for entertaining. My goal was to represent the mood and aesthetic for the time of day when cocktails are flowing, and the darkness of the night ensues.



D: How did you bring ideation to realization?

TR: I wanted the flow of the evening to be represented in a visual way, so I decided on a vertical ombre painting technique throughout the space that spanned the length of the room. One end is a lighter blue gray and as your eyes make their way through the room, the paint turns into a deep navy getting progressively darker ending where the bar is. The Tufenkian rug in the same color family has a similar effect and covers most of the floor space.



D: Did the project present any unique challenges?

TR: This particular job was designed for Holiday House, an annual showhouse in NYC that benefits the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The construction schedule I was given was extremely tight which meant I only had 10 days to design the space with the opening of the house around the corner. When you’re tasked with executing design in a very short time frame from conception to fruition, every decision is critical. The vendors you use is a crucial element as you’ll need trustworthy reps who will have what you need in stock with efficient shipping processes.



D: What do you most love about the final design?

TR: I love the overall feel of this space, but my favorite part has to be the decorative paint job, because it’s a visually interesting element that has a dramatic effect. Pairing furniture and accessories with a bold paint job is no easy task, but incorporating texture with a cozy sectional, mixed materials via varying tables, and a unique lounge chair will layer your space with strong and supportive essentials.



Design: Tina Ramchandani Creative

Photography: Jacob Snavely



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