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A Swiss Chalet

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A Modern Swiss Chalet | DPAGES



below a dramatic alpine landscape, the upscale resort town of Gstaad in southern Switzerland is home to snowcapped mountains, traditional Swiss architecture, and world-class skiing. Thanks to a meticulous redesign by architectural firm Humbert & Poyet, the idyllic town is now also home to this modern three-story private chalet. The chalet’s owners gave the design firm carte blanche to modernize the traditional Swiss home with one caveat: every detail of the residence– from the largest to the smallest– should be as unique as possible.


Mountain Home Interior | DPAGES


Home Bar Design by Humbert & Poyet | DPAGES



the constraints of chalet clichés, the firm designed the residence with a balanced blend of natural materials, metallic elements and luxurious amenities. As a result, the residence is filled with unique juxtapositions, combining a motif of reclaimed wood, dramatic marble and brass features throughout.


Rustic Wood & Marble Bathroom | DPAGES


Blue Kitchen by Humbert & Poyet | DPAGES


Custom Kitchen by Humbert & Poyet | DPAGES



features striking blue cabinetry, a matte black La Cornue oven with polished brass finishes, and a floor constructed of softened Hainaut blue stone.


Mountain Home Design | DPAGES


Rustic Fireplace Design | DPAGES


Wood Paneled Dining Room | DPAGES


Luxe Mudroom by Humbert & Poyet | DPAGES


Ski House by Humbert & Poyet | DPAGES



was considered by Humbert & Poyet when designing the residence. The chalet’s changing room includes bespoke wardrobes, lighting fixtures and custom-made handrails while the residence’s corridor boasts bespoke cabinets painted in a pastel green, textural stone flooring and a sink made of Calcutta marble.


High End Ski Home | DPAGES


Integrated Marble Sink | DPAGES


Contemporary Swiss Chalet | DPAGES


Mixed Wood Paneling | DPAGES


Black Marble Bathroom | DPAGES



are a striking clash of black and white marble features, including deep black walls, white marble countertops and intricately designed mosaic flooring. Brass lighting fixtures, faucets, shower heads and towel racks warm the rooms, while simultaneously reinforcing their sense of luxury.


Luxury Marble Shower | DPAGES


Rustic Marble Bathroom | DPAGES


Wood Paneled Bedroom | DPAGES



bedrooms include custom lighting fixtures and bedding designed by Humbert & Poyet. Nearby, a red ‘Gelato’ chair by India Mahdavi and a blue velvet chair designed by Eero Saarinen give the tonally muted space a splash of color.


Swiss Chalet Renovation | DPAGES


Swiss Chalet | DPAGES



a sweeping view of Switzerland’s scenic alps and the snow-peaked tops of Gstaad’s traditional homes, Humbert & Poyet’s modernized chalet still manages to seamlessly fit within the historic Swiss town.


Gstaad Chalet by Humbert & Poyet | DPAGES


Interior Design: Humbert & Poyet

Photography: © Francis Amiand

Words: Mateo Tate



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