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magic and mystique of the underwater world comes to shimmering life in Larose Guyon’s newest lighting line, Abysse, a glamorous and versatile way to drape interior space with luminous handblown glass spheres, inspired by the creators’ longstanding fascination with the oceanic realm.





in May and available through DSHOP, Abysse is the brainchild of husband-and-wife creative team Audrée Larose and Félix Guyon, whose boutique studio in Verchères, Quebec, is much-lauded for its unparalleled artistry and poetic vision. “Abysse is an abstract artistic interpretation of aquatic nature that allows people to really use their imaginations,” says Larose. “It’s the result of numerous attempts to strike a perfect balance, including the decision to use filtered glass to control each globe’s luminosity and further contribute to the seabed illusion.”





fluid and intricate design begins with the filtered glass globe as a basic element. Inside of each is a smaller, urchin-inspired, flaked glass sphere. Brass ball elements that seem to float like pearls, aged for an oxidized appearance, enhance each globe, which are linked by dark-aged brass chains mimicking the texture of ropes enveloped in seaweed.




aspects of Abysse are as intriguing as the decorative ones. Illumination is provided by an external source mounted on the outer edge of each primary globe, infusing the interior sphere with warm light and generating reflections that bring the whole to sparkling life. The rope-like chains emanate from a central ceiling plate, enabling multiple configurations of three, five or eight globes in a choice of two sizes each. The modular design offers great flexibility, making Abysse adaptable to any number of settings, whether looped together for drama in a hotel lobby, extended to broadly illuminate a banquet table, or in a dense cluster for a grand statement in a stairwell.




to capture contemporary aesthetics through old-world craftsmanship is a tribute to our commitment to remaining a small and intimate studio,” Larose says. “We will continue to focus on meticulously handcrafted designs inspired by nature’s endless beauty.” We invite you to discover the Abysse collection today at DSHOP.



Design: Larose Guyon

Photography: Les*MaroisMarie-Reine Mattera



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