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An Eclectic California Home

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Eclectic Dining Room by Eche Martinez



the well appointed walls of a Steve Wisenbaker home lies the style-blurring interiors of one of San Francisco’s hottest talents. Executed by none other than Eche Martinez, the new design is an acrobatic reflection of his clients’ passions – a fresh yet approachable mix of Jacobean antiques, contemporary art, and vintage and custom pieces. In keeping with both the client’s wishes and the designer’s international background (born in Buenos Ares, educated in Paris, and settled in California) the transformation is an eclectic mix of style, era, and culture.


Contemporary Eclectic Foyer by Eche Martinez



guests are greeted by a simple bench marked by the intricate turnings of the late Jacobean style. To the left a contrasting, contemporary console by Hervé Van der Straeten mimics the arches of ancient architectures while a second Van der Straeten piece makes a statement in the form of a sculptural chandelier in the dining room. Just below it, a series of white leather dining chairs by Roberto Lazzeroni make their own statement – standing in bold contrast to the dark wood furnishings and leafy green views of Mount Tam.


Timeless Interior Design by Eche Martinez



passthrough serves as the perfect microcosm for Eche’s signature aesthetic – a true exercise in harmony and contrast rendered in a exotic mix of a mother of pearl console, 1934-designed Zig Zag Chairs, and a 21st century Hiroshu Sugimoto photo… all set against a museum-like backdrop of white.


Contemporary White Bedroom by Eche Martinez


Timeless White Bedroom by Eche Martinez


Soaring White Bedroom by Eche Martinez


Modern Children's Room by Eche Martinez



the primary living areas were kept to a monochrome, Eche and his clients opted for a more colorful approach to the children’s room and sun room. In the nursery, clean geometries are punctuated with exotic touches ranging from a small leather elephant to a old Moorish side table, while in the sunroom a contemporary Ralph Lauren Chandelier is grounded by a palm leaf motif. This unexpected pop of kelly green / ’80s prep brings Eche’s no holds barred approach to design full circle with a truly artful combination of disparate styles blended together in a fresh new way. For those who don’t already, this is one designer you’ll want to watch.


Eclectic Sunroom by Eche Martinez


Contemporary Sunroom by Eche Martinez


Design by ECHE

Architecture by Steve Wisenbaker Architects

Photography by Christopher Stark



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