ancient meets modern in the hills of marche

AP House Urbino

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Timeless Architecture In the Italian Countryside by GGA Architetti | DPAGES



one of the tallest hills in Marche, Italy, lies GGA Architetti’s latest masterpiece – a multi-structure residence that speaks as much to the region’s ancient past as it does to its modern future. The picturesque property resides within the city of Urbino, a world heritage site rich in medieval architecture and renaissance charm right down to the preserved former home of 16th century architect/painter Raphael. A half millennium later, the city’s rural hamlets are enjoying a new rebirth with the design of sensitive structures like GGA’s ‘AP House’ – a new breed of architecture built upon an ancient vernacular complete with traditional tiled roofs and stacked stone walls, but rendered with a clean-lined precision devoid of clutter.


Contemporary Architecture In the Italian Countryside by GGA Architetti | DPAGES


Modern Architecture In the Italian Countryside by GGA Architetti | DPAGES



and its farmhouse-inspired annex have been stripped of extraneous features like pipes and gutters, and even the main entry and garage have been tucked underground to maintain a pristine facade. Off to the side, a third structure sits atop a Corten steel and grass-terraced hill which connects back to the main house via a subterranean level.


Contemporary Pool Design by GGA Architetti | DPAGES


Cement Walls in a Home by GGA Architetti | DPAGES



three main structures rests upon a red concrete patio that flows through to the interior spaces. While the facades reference the past, the interiors take a more contemporary approach with reinforced concrete walls, allowing for light and expansive rooms unhindered by the need for additional load-bearing elements.


Interior Architecture by GGA Architetti | DPAGES


Bedroom with Cement Walls by GGA Architetti | DPAGES



enter through the subterranean level – where a gym, spa, cinema, and exhibition art gallery  make it a hub for health, leisure, and culture. One flight up, the home blooms into an expansive great room complete with views of the rural landscape.


Modern Bathroom Design by GGA Architetti | DPAGES


Cement Bathroom Design by GGA Architetti | DPAGES



level, a master suite and two double bedrooms continue the cement and walnut palette of the lower levels. The rich wood built-ins serve as points of punctuation while simultaneously providing ample storage in a minimally adorned home.


Contemporary Italian Architecture by GGA Architetti | DPAGES


Contemporary Architecture by GGA Architetti | DPAGES



back out to the patio to take in the views, it’s easy to see how the architects were inspired to create a dialog of time and place. In a city where close to a millennium of architecture still stands living and breathing, the present can only be built in reverence to its success and with centuries of longevity in mind.


Patio Design by GGA Architetti | DPAGES


Architecture by GGA Architetti

Photography © Ezio Manciucca



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  1. March 09, 2018, 1:58 pm

    What a beautiful design, love the collection of all these beautiful images of each part of this building

  2. April 24, 2018, 4:37 am

    Theres one word which describes this entire site and thats ” Wowww” ..I really love your work. Thanks for sharing and inspiring

  3. Patricia A Cahill
    June 21, 2018, 6:20 am

    Absolute breathtaking. This is the area where my mother was born, it is something special.

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