D has been slowly but surely adding some structure the old blog and Bits & Bobs will now join its older siblings – Friday Flashback and DPAGES Favorites – with a monthly appearance. I hope you enjoy this month’s selection!

Above – 3D printed, from white laser sintered nylon, the 610 Hanging Light by Janne Kyttanen was inspired by the seemingly endless pistils found in the coneflower. Named after one of the Fibonacci numbers, the 610 is available through Freedom of Creation’s online store or through a retailer near you.



Who said hair removal has to be grim? Not Clemens Auer – the designer behind these beautiful little tweezers. Launched as a concept just this spring, Auer’s pinchers were designed to mimic the natural circle formed by thumb and forefinger when they meet in a pincer grasp. While all pieces shown above are made of a single strip of steel, the variations in finish are the result of galvanization with different alloys. So fun. So cool. Manufacturers hop on this one!



Created by Big-Game for the Portuguese company Materia – Bote is a series of cork floaters complete with interchangeable plastic masts and cabins. For our American friends, who may prefer to skip on the international shipping, I recommend checking out designer Daniel Michalik’s collection of tiny cork boats.



Made from an old metal track light coated in matte paint, this leather hung planter by Oregon based designer Molly Sadowsky, is a dead ringer for ceramic. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, each planter ships with its very own succulent  This one is a particular favorite, as it showcases a look I’m loving at the moment – dark purple plantings. 

Until tomorrow…