BJØRG NORDLI MATHISEN: horse hair & metal art/jewelry

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While living in India in 2004, artist/designer Bjørg Nordli-Mathisen was inspired to found her own company, Bjørg Jewelry. Although raised in northern Norway, Bjørg has since taken to a nomadic lifestyle and currently travels the world on a constant hunt for design inspiration.




As an artist known for her highly conceptual approach to design, she is equally driven by a respect for nature and finding that perfect balance between the raw and the refined.




The pieces you see here are a selection of D’s favorites from Bjørg’s 2012 collection. While the items appear to be as much from a sci-fi future as they might be from a tribal past – each necklace, ear cuff and bracelet is firmly grounded in hand made craft and composed of natural metals and real horse hair.




Bjørg’s jewelry has been worn by the likes of Madonna, Rihanna and Robyn and is carried by high-end jewelers, fashion boutiques and galleries around the world. While of course this is jewelry designed to be worn, I think it could be fantastic displayed as pure art, either mounted as free standing sculpture or hung on a wall.


You may view more from Bjørg’s portfolio on her website and online shop. For shoppers in the U.S. her work can be purchase at Totokaelo. Farfetch also carries Bjørg’s jewelry.

Photos: 1, 4, 5. via Totokaelo, 2, 3, 6, 7. via Farfetch,  8-11. via Bjørg Jewelry


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