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Today’s post is a spin-off of yesterday’s feature on new lighting and furnishing brand, Buster + Punch. Founded by Massimo Buster Minale, the man who co-founded the award winning architecture and design firm Minale + Minale (now Minale + Mann) back in 2001, the new furnishing brand has a ‘Design Lab‘ division which provides all of the architecture and design services of Minale + Mann to “a select few”. Today I’ve gathered a few gems from the new Buster + Punch Design Lab and the older more established Minale + Mann portfolios. If you look closely, you will spot many of Buster + Punch’s biker/rock & roll inspired products, like their radio knob cabinet hardware, Hooked lighting collection and Rockstar bar. Enjoy! Above – kitchen in a London home designed by Minale + Minale.




Above – a Stockholm apartment.






Above – Kitchen and living spaces in a London home via Buster + Punch Design Lab.



Above – Dressing room and den via Buster + Punch Design Lab.


View more interiors from the award winning UK and Sweden based firm Minale + Mann here. Visit Buster + Punch here. Until tomorrow…


Photos courtesy of Minale + Mann & Buster + Punch.



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