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CH78 Mama Bear Chair

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wide bow-shaped back, smooth rounded curves and elegant oak frame, Hans J. Wegner’s CH78 ‘Mama Bear’ Chair was introduced in 1954. The chair became an instant emblem of a ‘less is more’ methodology in Scandinavian furniture design, noted for its clean, intelligent and sleek aesthetic. Gently reclined and quietly soulful, the Mama Bear armchair is informed by human anatomy itself as expressed through the soft dips and bends of its sinuous silhouette. Indeed, the CH78 stood out from the bulkier armchairs of its era thanks to Hans J. Wegner’s visionary touch, informed by his seemingly magical ability to see beyond his time and conceive graceful chairs that would still have a commanding presence in a room. Affectionately known within the design world as the “Master of the Chair”, J. Wegner (1914-2007) created more than 500 chairs throughout his career and was particularly prolific during the 1950s and ‘60s.




chair became an icon of pared-back Danish design and part of a wider message about how elegance of form and sculptural integrity could be fused with utility and comfort to create an enduring branch of classicism suited to fast-paced modernity – a creative approach that resonates with a global audience to this day.




heart of Hans J. Wegner’s design philosophy is an intuitive kind of reductive thought, one he explained as, “a continuous process of purification and of simplification – to cut down to the simplest possible design of four legs, a seat, and a combined back – and armrest.” In addition to these visual cues, there’s an ineffable language at work here that harnesses a sense of emotional harmony, inducing a feeling of reassurance and homeyness, hence the ‘Mama Bear‘ name. Indeed, playfulness – or the desire for escapism – is also whispered in this design since this is a chair that you want to sink into.




chair was re-launched in 2020 by family-owned Danish furniture company Carl Hansen & Søn, a manufacturer established in 1908 based on the island of Funen, renowned for its holistic and organic approach to preserving Danish design classics.




of Spring 2022, the timeless beauty of the CH78 Chair’s frame has been further heightened with a luxuriant wool-blend butter cream upholstery, that enhances the graceful shape and warmth of Wegner’s iconic ‘Mama Bear’ Chair. We invite you to discover this limited time promotion applied to the iconic CH78 Lounge Chair and its complimentary CH53 Footstool today at DSHOP.



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