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CJ Hendry’s Rorschach

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CJ Hendry's Rorschach | DPAGES



unconventional path to success in the art world began in 2012 in Brisbane, Australia when she posted her first black and white pen drawings on Instagram. With no formal art training and self developed scribbling technique, her hyper-realistic renderings of luxury objects attracted a huge following. By 2015, having independently made a name for herself, she moved to New York. Since then, she has had several successful solo shows of her art and worked on high-end fashion projects with Chanel. By 2017, nudged from her traditional black and white large scale ink drawings by a collaboration with Christian Louboutin, she began working in color. More recently it’s her work “Rorschach” that introduced audiences to the artist’s colorful and vibrant new world.


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2019, Hendry used a massive, bouncy house with a playful and eerie touch meant to evoke the white padded walls of an old psychiatric asylum as the setting for “Rorschach”. The drawings of the exhibit are a colorful juxtaposition of children’s squish paintings and psychological inkblot tests commonly known as Rorschachs. These hyper realistic colored-pencil drawings mimic the perfection of high-definition photographs with their splashes of gloss and quintessential textures that contributes to its pop of realism. Each piece reflects an almost perfect symmetry as one side mirrors the other.


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CJ Hendry Art | DPAGES


CJ Hendry Exhibit | DPAGES


CJ Hendry Art Exhibit | DPAGES


CJ Hendry | DPAGES



the “Rorschach” series, Hendry plays on the perception of developing and devolving, naive and sinister – postulating, “There is little difference between an infant and an insane adult: both have undeveloped thoughts and blissful ignorance, both live in a playful space where they have not made sense of the world. There is so much freedom in ‘seeing what you want to see.’ Ultimately, we are all walking Rorschach tests, we see what we want to see…”


Art by CJ Hendry | DPAGES


Art: CJ Hendry



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