Cookie season is upon us my friends and in celebration of this fact we are bringing design into the kitchen and onto your baked goods! After all, as any designer worth his/her salt can tell you, good taste should involve all the senses.





Designer Baking is a two piece set of kitchen stamps developed as part of an initiative of Skoufa Gallery in Athens, which invited designers to create contemporary versions of “folklore” using olive wood as their medium. The London based design duo, Loukas Angelou and Vasso Asfi of STUDIOLAV, approached the project by taking inspiration from the traditional quote “bread and olive” – creating two solid olive wood pyramids embossed with the fashion inspired patterns of Pied de Pule (foot-of-chicken) and Tweed Herringbone. The result as you can see is a pair of oh so stylish stamps capable of transforming your breads, cookies crackers and pies into “haute couture baking marvels.”





Angelou and Asfi’s baking meets fashion concept proved so delicious that it wasn’t long before fashion designer Haizhen Wang tapped the duo for a commission. The result – 200 stylish biscuits, individually packaged to resemble fabric swatches, hitting the scene at the debut of Haizhen Wang’s London and Paris Fashion Week’s AW13-14 debut. How sweet!


Photos by Predrag Pajdic via Studiolav.