COORDINATION’S THREAD FAMILY: A Rapidly Multiplying Clan by Flip Sellin

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Headed by Tilman Thürmer, Flip Sellin and Jochen Gringmuth, COORDINATION is a design and architecture studio with offices in Shanghai and Berlin . The trio also run an in house product and furniture design studio which is where I spotted the fantastic “Thread Family”. Designed by Flip Sellin, the collection was kicked off last year with a series of adjustable stools and tables which have since been followed by three new members in 2013. The collection is based on the concept of a threaded lathed wooden rod, which when combined with its accompanying parts in stainless steel and polymer, allows for not just a fun look but also for some very practical height customization. Bravo Flip!




Thread Trestles in oiled walnut, powdercoated steel




Higher Desk in cork, lathed oak and lacquered steel. Intended to allow for a healthful shift from sitting to standing over the course of the work day.


Thread Garderobe in Steel and American walnut.


The original Thread Family of tables and stools in American walnut, stainless steel and polymer.


For more information on the Thread Family and the COORDINATION architecture and design firm, visit coordination-berlin.com.

Photography by Hans-Joachim Roscher.


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  1. J M
    June 09, 2013, 9:22 am

    LOVE the table on books idea & the ‘garderobe’!

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