DSHOP Lazy Suzi Wired Magazine Holiday Gift Guide


DSHOP is basking in a bit of fame this holiday season with our Kelly Behun-designed Lazy Suzi scoring the cover of WIRED Magazine’s Holiday Gift Guide. While the process has been a bit of a roller coaster – beginning with a rush to get Suzi to the photoshoot, followed by an anxious wait to see if she made the cut, rounded off  by a couple of editorial hiccups in her debut (ouch!) – we couldn’t be more thrilled to have her shining bright in one of the coolest magazines around.


DSHOP Lazy Suzi Wired Magazine Holiday Gift Guide


Adding to the excitement, Lazy Suzi just cropped up again, this time on Wired.com’s Wish List of 20 Extravagant Gifts. For all you shoppers and techies, I recommend a swing by the feature where you will find our Lazy Suzi among the likes of glowing bicycles, wormhole resistant wrist watches and tops that spin in excess of 7 hours. As for you analog types, you can explore the full Holiday Gift Guide 2014 in the December issue of WIRED out on newsstands now.

A special thanks to WIRED Magazine’s editor Michael Calore for spotting our Lazy Suzi on Pinterest and for sharing her and DSHOP with the WIRED community. Top image via WIRED magazine.


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