Now this little Hedgehog’s recent re-issue is far too adorable not to share – so take it in, be sure to watch the video at the end and read on to learn a bit about the designer behind it all…

The son of academic painters, the Austria born Walter Bosse (1904-1979) became fascinated with sculpture at an early age. He would later go on to study formally at the Imperial Art School of the Museum of Art in Vienna and further his education at the School of Applied Arts in Munich. He made his international debut at the 1925 Paris Exhibition of Decorative Arts, where his ceramic sculptures were noticed by many. As his career progressed, brass became Bosse’s material of choice. Today, he is perhaps best known for his “Black Golden Line” which consists of small brass figures with a blackened patina and strategically polished reveals of brass.



Often cited as his pinnacle piece, the Hedgehog ashtray (born in the late 1950s) is composed of six nested brass pieces.  An immediate success, it was also an immediate target for mass counterfeiting. In an attempt to protect the integrity of his design, Bosse took extensive legal action, which would go on to set precedents in the protection of copyright and intellectual property of artists.

In recent years, collector demand for Bosse’s figures has been on the rise. In response to this demand, Modern Vienna Bronze has, for a limited time, brought the Bosse Hedgehog out of its half century hibernation. Cast from Bosse’s original molds, these little guys are the real deal.



And now, if the pictures have yet to charm your socks off, be sure to watch the equally adorable video above. I promise it will put you in a good mood.


Photos courtesy of Modern Vienna Bronze. Video via YouTube.