EAST MEETS WEST: The Designs of Ryosuke Harashima

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Born in 1980 in Tokyo, Japan, Ryosuke Harashima graduated from the Kanazawa International Design Institution in 2002, just prior to moving to New York to study furniture and product design at Parsons The New School for Design. Soon after his return to Kanazawa, Japan, he opened his own studio, Root, where he provides product design, graphic design and art direction services. With a strong interest in traditional Japanese craft, Harashima focuses on collaborating with Japanese artisans and manufacturers “to create an innovative aesthetic that is both Japanese and international.” Above and below are a few D favorites from Harashima’s site. I hope you love them as much as I do!





Making its debut just a few months ago, Clipnest is one of Harashima’s most recent designs. These little wooden eggs are meticulously hand turned by traditional lacquer ware craftsmen in Yamanaka, Japan. While seamless in appearance, each egg harbors a small but powerful magnet at their core, which serves to gather a charming nest of small metal items at its base.




Wall Clock in solid wood lacquer.



Timenest – a clock that doubles as small fish bowl. Still in the prototype phase but I thought worth the share.







Lightness is an interactive lighting solution composed of a small, rechargeable LED light unit, from which sprout ‘leaves’ of traditional Washi (Japanese paper). Due to the nature of the paper, once arranged, the flexible leaves maintain their shape. In addition to the endless sculptural possibilities –  the intensity of the light can be modulated by either peeling back or gathering the cabbage like layers around the central LED unit. Lightness is still in the prototype phase, but let’s keep our fingers crossed for its future availability!

Photos 1-3 by Kohei Yonezawa. All photos courtesy of Ryosuke Harashima.


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