ENZO BERTI’S FURNITURE DESIGN: the love affair continues

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You may recall a post last week featuring Enzo Berti’s designs for the Italian company Kreoo. Well, Kreoo is not the only company Berti designs for, so today I’ve gathered a few additional favorites from his portfolio for your viewing pleasure. But before we jump in, allow me reintroduce the designer behind it all. Born in Pianiga Venice in 1950, Enzo Berti began his studies in fine art only later moving on to study industrial design. During his student years, Berti created and exhibited numerous art objects but eventually transitioned to become a full time industrial designer in the 1980s. From the start, the talented Berti secured a place for himself collaborating with such popular brands as Magis, Artemide, Lago and Gervasoni. Today he lives and works in the Riviera del Brenta, preferring to work in ‘timeless’ materials such as wood, marble, stone and iron – all of which he imbues with his fantastic contemporary aesthetic. Enjoy!


12.2 – this Nordic style chair was born of a collaboration between Berti and Flai for Hiko


CANONE3 – a wood and leather chair created for Lando


SONETTO3 – a table and bench created as part of the Convivio collection for Lando


INCISO PANCA – designed for the Italian company Bauline. This table and bench pair expand and contract through the use of a simple crank.


INCISO PANCA – (bench detail)


DOLMEN – part of the Convivio collection, this kitchen unit was born of the union between the Italian furniture company Lando and Enzo Berti.


DOLMEN – (kitchen unit detail)


ACCENTO3 – a marble top, wood base table designed as part of the Convivio collection for Lando.


LEONARDO – inspired by the metal framed Mart Stam chair, this striking wood and rattan chair was created for the Italian company Bross.


DADA – a polyethylene molded armchair that reinterprets the hand’s movement with the same spirit as the eponymous art movement. Created for the Italian furniture company, Ferlea.

For more on Enzo Berti, click through to last’s weeks feature on his work for Kreoo here, DPAGES initial interview with him here, or visit him at his site at enzoberti.it.


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There are 6 comments on this post
  1. May 10, 2013, 10:15 am

    Love Enzo’s creativity in his furniture designs. I love it when designers approach their pieces as sculpture and redefine the shape a piece can be.

    • D
      May 10, 2013, 6:31 pm

      Agreed! He always amazes me and I love that most of his work is in ‘real materials’ (i.e. not plastic).

      • May 11, 2013, 1:29 pm

        Yes, I wish there was a viable replacement for plastic. With the sudden rise to everyday I am afraid 3D printing will plasticize our world – ugh. Having said that maybe the 3D printing will be the catalyst for finding a plastic replacement that is easier on our environment. Living against the forest, and 1km from the ocean on Vancouver Island, most of my customers prefer real materials to man made as well.

  2. June 06, 2013, 5:46 am

    Wow.. The selection is really very awesome. A table and bench pairs are really looks good. I also have passions in redecorating and internal design and your selection motivated me a lot.

    • D
      June 06, 2013, 6:44 am

      Yes Enzo is fantastic. He is definitely a D favorite. So glad you liked the picks.

  3. November 26, 2015, 6:43 am

    Polyethylene molded armchair DADA created for the Italian furniture company Ferlea, is spectacular. The hand movement shape is breathtaking. Also wood based and marble topped table ACCENTO3 is classic good.

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