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Evolving Vedbaek Home

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Vedbaek Home Renovation | DPAGES



fields, forest, and sea, the neighborhood of Vedbaek has been a summer destination for wealthy Copenhageners since the late 19th century. Today, its picturesque setting, dotted with expansive country homes and historic landmarks, renders it as desirable as ever – attracting the likes of successful CEOs, famous footballers, and one of Denmark’s most notable architects, Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen of Norm Architects. Several years ago, it was Bjerre-Poulsen’s keen architect’s eye that recognized a dilapidated 1911 home-turned-fisherman’s-cottage as a sparkling diamond in the rough…


Norm Architects Home Renovation | DPAGES


Neoclassical Meets Art Deco | DPAGES



of eyeing the property, Bjerre-Poulsen took the plunge – confronting a poorly maintained hodgepodge of style, finish and era as its new owner, architect, and designer. The interiors were in such disrepair, the architect made the difficult decision to salvage only the most beautiful of details. Among the historical keeps lies an eclectic mix of neoclassical and Art Deco influences inspired by the original owner’s travels through Italy and France over a century ago.


Minimal Staircase Design | DPAGES


Minimal Interior Design | DPAGES



a sense of light and flow within the outdated interior was of utmost priority.  This was, in part, achieved through selective demolition and an array of thoughtfully located punch-through passages. The final configuration allows for a flow of natural light while facilitating a dialogue between disparate spaces and styles. Sculptural details, like a spare spiral staircase and singular block of marble punctuate transition points, while the reuse of materials like  the original floorboards as a new kitchen counter, help to warm a crisp new aesthetic.


Minimal Staircase Design | DPAGES


Minimal Monochrome Kitchen Design | DPAGES



continuity was further bolstered with the removal of seven different layers of flooring. In their place, Bjerre-Poulsen opted for a cast magnetite floor throughout. This industrial option creates a modern contrast with the home’s historical detailing, while also giving a nod to some of its original sources of inspiration – echoing the sheen and texture of Italy’s traditional polished plasters.


Contemporary Home Office Design | DPAGES


Modern Built In Shelving | DPAGES



enters its second century of life, Bjerre-Poulsen leaves his architectural mark in an array of sculptural details, ranging from a geometry-inspired kitchen staircase to functional nooks and crannies lined in materials built to last.


Contemporary Modern home Office | DPAGES


Eclectic Masculine Bedroom Design | DPAGES



from public to private space is marked by a small sculptural staircase connecting the original 1911 home with a 1913 conservatory/winter garden. Today, this upper level houses a series of bedroom suites where old-world detailing plays off fresh white paint, timeless linens, and modern accessories to irresistible effect. As for the bathrooms – their strict orthogonal lines and classic stone and brass fittings exude a timeless appeal.


Modern Masculine Bedroom | DSESIGN


Minmal Grey Bathrooms | DPAGES



Bjerre-Poulsen’s ethos of design born of balance and spaces that feel as good as they look – this latest iteration of his century-old-home shows an architect who practices what he preaches. And while we take a moment to revel in its current state of beauty, one can only wonder what the next 100 years have in store for this evolving Vedbaek home.


Minimal Monochrome Bathroom | DPAGES


Architecture by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen 0f Norm Architects

Design by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen of Norm Architects

Photography by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen



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