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Felicia Ferrone of fferrone design



her uniquely minimalist aesthetic grounded in meticulous attention to detail, designer Felicia Ferrone built her practice upon a philosophy of a greater whole – a belief that “all aspects of design are interdependent, that nothing exists in a vacuum but always in relation to the environment, objects, and systems that surround it.” This ethos of connectivity was born while practicing as a young architect in Milan under the tutelage of such design luminaries as Antonio Citterio and Piero Lissoni. During this time, Felicia learned to “blur boundaries” and reconsider established archetypes and typologies to approach her design in a uniquely innovative way – this new way of thinking and seeing resulted in Felicia’s first line of glassware, entitled Revolution. Upon Felicia’s return to her native Chicago, the city where she was born, raised and educated, it was Revolution that served as the launching point for her eponymous design brand fferrone. More than a decade later, the fferrone line has expanded to include 11 glassware series, furniture, lighting, and accessories. Each piece is designed and crafted in close collaboration with an international roster of artisans – a team with whom Felicia pushes the boundaries of physical craft to bring her innovative visions to life. While not working at fferrone, Felicia serves as the Director of Graduate Studies in Industrial Design and as a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Today, her work is a recipient of the prestigious GOOD DESIGN award, and her celebrated pieces can be found in the permanent collection of the Art Institute of Chicago. They can also now be found at DSHOP.


fferrone Revolution Glassware | DSHOP
Revolution Collection (2001-2014)



F: Born and raised in Chicago, my early interests and education were in architecture, and it was only after I graduated that I moved to Milan and discovered the field of design.  While in Milan, I worked for a number of luminaries such as Antonio Citterio, Boffi, Piero Lissoni, and Vittorio Gregotti.  Through my years living in Milan, close observation, and curiosity, my interest shifted to design.


fferrone Tulip Glassware | DSHOP
Tulip Collection (2014)


fferrone Tulip Glassware | DSHOP

F: It [fferrone] came to be, in a round about way all because of the Revolution Collection.  I had designed the collection while living in Milan and after trying to license the work unsuccessfully, I decided to start my own brand in which I would have full creative control over each step of the process, from the creative to the business.


fferrone Dearborn Glassware | DSHOP
Dearborn Collection (2014)


fferrone Revolution Glassware | DSHOP

F: Without a doubt the Milan Furniture Fair every April and then just paying attention to everything that is around you.  Inspiration is everywhere, always.


fferrone Margo Decanter | DSHOP
Margot Collection (2013-2016)


fferrone Margot Coupe & Goblet | DSHOP

F: Cardboard for full-scale mock-ups of new pieces I am exploring.  I mock up all the furniture and lighting before finalizing a piece.  This allows me to live with it for a while in my space, so I can make sure it’s something I really want to pursue and that all aspects of it are just as I want them.


fferrone Bana Double Vase | DSHOP
Bana Double Vase 2013

F: Be curious about the world around you – it’s a constant source of inspiration.

We invite you to discover the full fferrone line today at DSHOP.




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