Furniture, Lighting, Motorcycles And Rock&Roll



Launched in 2012, Buster + Punch was born in a small East London garage where Massimo Buster Minale – founder of the award wining architecture and design firm Minale + Mann – discovered a passion for customizing the things he loves most and elevating the ordinary to the extraordinary. The resultant collection of furnishings, lighting, motorcycles and more, draws upon a biker and rocker lifestyle – incorporating the burnt rubber of a Harley, the knurled grip of a volume knob and the sensual hand of quilted leather and silk. While all objects have been fashioned and designed by Minale, he has collaborated with bike builders, whisky makers & rockstars alike to bring this unique collection to life. Enjoy!


















The Buster + Punch collection will be on display as part of the London Design Festival’s 100% Design exhibit today through the 21st.

To be continued…


Photos courtesy of Buster & Punch.




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