Inspired by processes and patterns found in nature, Nervous System studio writes computer programs to generate their fascinating designs and employs cutting edge digital fabrication to realize their products. The intricately patterned surface of the porcelain Reaction Cups was created by a computer simulation based on the natural patterning process that puts spots on leopards and stripes on zebras. From there, the digital cup is brought to life via stereolithography – a special form of 3D printing in which a high powered, computer controlled laser hardens consecutive cross sections of light sensitive liquid plastic to build up a 3D object. The resultant 3D print is then used to form a plaster mold for the the more familiar process of slip casting, where slip is poured into a mold, dried, removed and then fired in a kiln and glazed to produce your beautiful porcelain Reaction Cups!


Above : The video shows the computer generation of the final Reaction Cup. At right shows a 3D printed model used to create the plaster molds.


Nervous system is currently running a sale which includes our giveaway’s complement piece – the Reaction Plate. What better time to stock up in anticipation of your big win!


Congratulations to Cortney C. of Seattle, WA!



Rules & Info:
1. The Prize – four Nervous System Reaction Cups ($60)!
2. Open to those with shipping addresses within the United States.
3. Contestants may enter up to once a day from June 10 – 14, 2013. Please be sure to list your city and state when entering.
4. The winner will be chosen at random and announced here, in late June.
5. The winner will be contacted via email. We must receive a response with your name, phone number, and mailing address within 48 hours of contact. If we do not hear back by that time the prize will go to a runner up. Good luck!

A special thank you to Nervous System for their fabulous Reaction Cup donation!


sponsored by Nervous System