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Gustavo Bittencourt

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Gustavo Bittencourt Furniture


Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1986, Gustavo Bittencourt was born into the business of design. As a child he was inspired by his architect mother and by university, his forays into furniture design were met with awards and accolades on a national level. Upon graduating with a degree in industrial design, Bittencourt worked with some of Brasil’s top contemporary furniture masters including Zanini de Zanine. Adding to this resume, he gained international experience studying at the Politecnico di Torino in Italy and working for Thomas Heyes Gallery in Los Angeles in 2011. Today, Bittencourt works out of his own studio in the mountainous region of Rio where he translates his experiences into unique works of furniture art. His design ethos centers around the creation of timeless pieces built to last a lifetime, and a belief that the handcrafting process imbues each piece with a soul all its own.


Gustavo Bittencourt Furniture
cadeira IAIÁ…

was born of necessity, when the newly married Bittencourt found himself in need of dining room chairs. The designer’s solution simultaneously honors his bride and the great Brazilian masters – pulling from Teneiro and Sergio Rodrigues’ palette of wood and woven cane, then tapping Lina Bo Bardi, and Jorge Zalszupin’s for the light metal structure.


Gustavo Bittencourt Furniture


Gustavo Bittencourt Furniture
rack dia de FEIRA

takes inspiration from utilitarian packing crates – translating simple construction into a display piece.


Gustavo Bittencourt Furniture


Gustavo Bittencourt Furniture
banqueta IAIÁ…

was built in the same spirit as cadeira IAIÁ – pulling upon the language of Brasilian modernism, with its classic wood detailing, light cane seating and delicate metal frame.



Gustavo Bittencourt Furniture


Gustavo Bittencourt Furniture
aparador VERGA…

demonstrates Bittencourt’s no rules approach to design as he weaves unlikely hard woods and brightly polished copper into stunning furniture forms.





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  1. Virginia Millhiser
    July 01, 2016, 9:21 pm

    Where can his furniture be found in the US? If not, how could a piece be ordered? Thank you.

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