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Hayley Mitchell Art


Hailing from a long line of creatives, Hayley Mitchell is forging her own path as an artist on the rise. We first spotted her work in an interior by Mandy Kellogg Rye and followed the bread crumbs to Hayley’s Etsy and Instagram only to discover more gems in wait.

Hayley’s path has been a less than linear one. As a child she spent much time painting with her artist grandmother. Later, she she studied graphic design at Abilene Christian University but “left for love” a year short of graduation. From there she continued to paint, but it was only in the last few years that family and friends managed to coax her into making her works available to the public.

Now in her late twenties, Hayley works out of her home in Austin Texas while simultaneously keeping an eye on her three young children. She cites the costumes and jewelry of Bali, Japan, Nepal, Russia and India as some of her varied sources of inspiration, and while her art explores topics ranging from still life florals to sunbathing nudes… we were most charmed by her stylized faces. Hope you find as much beauty in them as we do!


Hayley Mitchell Art

print of an original painting. Curently available.



painting exploring a more clean-lined approach.

Hayley Mitchell Art


Hayley Mitchell Art

Currently available in print and perfect for a little girl’s room!


Prints range in price from $25 – $75 and details on originals can be found by contacting the artist directly. View Hayley Mitchell Art at www.etsy.com.


Sources: The English Room, Marquin, and Hayley Mitchell Art.



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