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thinker with a multidisciplinary approach to interior design, Heather Hilliard is a leading light in her field, with an MFA in interior architecture and design from San Francisco’s Academy of Art and scholarly stints at Berkeley and Stanford, among other prestigious institutions.

As a member of The Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, The ASID, and The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, to name but a few, Hilliard also ranks as one of the most prolific designers of her generation, overseeing everything from the refurbishment of a grand New York loft to the full renovation of a traditional Painted Lady in San Francisco.

Hilliard stands at the helm of her full-service interior design firm in San Francisco, where she and her team specialize in high-end residential properties spanning the U.S. from Boston to Hawaii. The design-focused firm offers all-encompassing service including consultation, renovation, project management, furnishing, sourcing, and more.

Creatively ambitious and with a reputation for applying design-led thinking to real-life housing, Heather Hilliard Design is currently applying its expertise to a variety of site specific projects including the full-service interior design of new homes in Lake Tahoe, Atherton and Saratoga, California, as well as the extensive renovation of a historic home in Hillsborough and Hilliard’s own Victorian in Pacific Heights. Indeed, to date, the firm’s wide and varied portfolio has been featured in such august publications as The New York Times, Elle Decor, The Wall Street Journal and House & Home. The photographs below are a testament to the firm’s ability to craft spaces that are visually arresting but also, never fail to feel like home.


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and bedroom above, reside in a stylish residence in San Francisco, where Heather Hilliard Design capitalized on the homeowners’ love of contemporary art by combining sculptural pieces in a neutral palette, with artworks sourced from top galleries including Friedman Benda, Ralph Pucci, Bernd Goeckler, and Cristina Grajales. This artful environment creates a cinematic feel with a sculptural window framing breathtaking views of the Bay Area just beyond. A primary bedroom features strong statement furnishings including a custom bed dressed in Jiun Ho fabrics from De Sousa Hughes and a cobalt blue Null bench by Studio Buzao.


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entry of the Los Altos residence shown above, the team has applied a minimalist style with a playful, individual twist that continues through every room of this 12.000 square ft residence, entirely decorated and designed by the Hilliard practice, to fit the needs of a stylish, art-loving couple with young children. The firm’s mission? To ensure a tranquil and pleasingly simple cohesion between the rooms thanks to an aesthetic vision that is suitably open, uncluttered and fresh for a reductive look that also celebrates the owner’s Japanese heritage.


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Cow Hollow living room pictured above, boasts spectacular San Francisco views that Heather Hilliard Design wisely used as a focal point, all while choosing a restrained palette and simple yet sculptural furnishings for the interior as a counterpoint – successfully fostering a sense of serenity with simple classics including a sofa by Egg Collective and other items sourced by Ralph Pucci International. By contrast, in the same house, the firm boasts its range with the cocooning hideaway shown below. This mix of rich earthy hues and tactile materials is punctuated by clean-lined shelving and earthen accessories. It’s unexpected, a little challenging yet unmistakably inviting, all hallmarks of what we like to think of as truly great design.


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DESIGN: Heather Hilliard Design