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with Hollywood’s elite, Mandeville Canyon in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles is a peaceful and secluded hilly area known for its stylish homes, scenic views and abundance of vegetation and wildlife. It’s a place that feels rustic yet refined, private yet soulful just like this home owned by a family of five who divide their time here and New York. Tasked with the job of creating a visually quiet space designed to enhance creative potential was Transition State, an L.A-based interiors studio with a flair for laid-back luxury, as testified by The Los Angeles Times, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal.




living area, there is an obvious synergy that exists between indoor and outdoor sculptural components. Indeed, the practice approached the space as if it were an extension of the outside, applying a soft earthy palette to delicate textures and filling rooms with furniture pieces carefully chosen for their pure lines and harmonious proportions.





subtle sense of interrelatedness that allows the eye to travel seamlessly from the undulating organic forms of a Japanese-inspired garden to the graceful arches of statement furniture pieces, such as an orange mohair ‘Block Chair’ by Estudio Persona and an elliptical ‘O Stool’ hewn from steel, also by the same LA-based company.




is known for its pinpoint accuracy and aptitude for conveying a specific mood through a bespoke language of design. For this residential project, the studio wanted to convey the organic and effortless feel of a quintessentially Californian aesthetic with a little East Coast edge, blending breezy elegance and compelling artistry. Every corner has a carefully selected object d’art – a vase, a mirror, a sculpture or a contemporary art print – that interacts with the rest of the décor, tying together a wide language of inventiveness that elicits emotions of comfort and wellbeing.




firm also turned to local artisans of luxury craft for minimalist furniture and décor celebrated for their unusual silhouettes and exquisite craftsmanship, evoking the strength of the city and softness of the Mandeville Canyon landscape. They further punctuated the interiors with their own line of linen pillows.





textures create lasting visual impact in a family room that has the indulgent look of a secret hideaway. Here, serenity is cultivated through connectivity as well as contrast. For example, four contemporary armchairs are perfectly matched, yet each one has its own unique shape and character, reinforcing the fact that this is a family home tailor-made for each of its individual inhabitants.



Design: Transition State

Photography: Olivia Pierce



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