LOFTY RENOVATION: An Upper West Side Duplex


NYC Apartment - 1100 Architect


Earlier this summer we visited the Palm Beach home of Kelly Klein and today we are visiting what looks to be her former New York City digs (that is if the portrait of her son on the wall is any indication). Speculation aside, this airy Upper West Side duplex was first renovated in 2008 by 1100 Architect and revisited by them again in 2010 when the client purchased the neighboring unit.


NYC Apartment - 1100 Architect


NYC Apartment - 1100 Architect


The second renovation included the addition of two bedrooms, a utility room, and a breakfast area which the architects cited as a transitional space – opening up views across the apartment.


NYC Apartment - 1100 Architect


NYC Apartment - 1100 Architect


The sense of seamlessness through the apartment was further supported by a combination of careful detailing, a paired down material/color palette, and additional large scale interior windows that connect it all. Love it!


Photos by Nikolas Koenig.
Brought to D’s attention by Domaine.



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