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Fine artist and designer Michael Angove has done it again with the launch of several new gorgeously hyper-real chinoiserie illustrations and wallpapers. Raised in the southern Wales town of Barry, Angove studied his masters at the Royal College of Art before setting off to work for the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier, Hugo Boss and Antonio Marras. Upon his return to Britain, Michael established himself as a freelance designer launching a line of wallpapers for which he has become increasingly famous. Most recently, Angove was tapped by British fragrance brand Jo Malone to create lush, digitally produced papers for the release of a limited edition home collection based on two classic Jo Malone fragrances – Blackberry & Bay and Orange Blossom. Angove has also recently launched several new designs in his own Fine Wallpaper line, two of which are included below. The results, as you will see, are nothing short of scrumptious. Enjoy.




Orange Blossom for Jo Malone. This was Angove’s first design based on a scent and he credits it with adding “a completely new dimension” to his work in terms of color, texture and layers. As Angove described in interview with Jo Malone, “The Orange Blosom design is really elegant. When I first smelt it I was thinking about Victorian greenhouses and orangeries. So the composition has a slightly more elegant feeling, it’s lighter it has a kind of beautiful, almost fairy like, frothy kind of composition.”




Black Berry & Bay for Jo Malone. “The Blackberry & Bay design when I first smelt it, it was really really fresh, really young but also very wild and British. I knew I wanted to have something really dense, really exciting… fresh… fruity.” – Michael Angove in interview with Jo Malone.




TOPIARY (2013) – a limited edition wallpaper pattern comprised of 4,000 box leaves and the occasional gem-like beetle.





HYDRANGEA (2014) – a limited edition wallpaper comprised of 3D scans of hydrangea plants, butterflies, insects and even tiny white spiders.



So how does all this gorgeousness come to fruition? Angove explains that while each design begins with a drawing, the end products are composed of high resolution 3D scans of actual botanicals, insects, and more. From there, Angove digitally removes the backgrounds before beginning the painstaking processes of arranging his incredibly intricate, botanical worlds. If you look closely. you will find tiny, often insect in form, surprises which he works into all of his designs.

The Michael Angove Limited Edition Collection of Orange Blossom and Blackberry & Bay scents is available through Jo Malone stores worldwide. As for Angove’s wallpapers and murals, they are available via Surface View or directly through Michael Angove via custom order and limited edition runs.



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