Melding the best in old world craftsmanship with the ultimate in biomorphic 3D scanning technology, The Left Shoe Company is taking men’s footwear to new heights in comfort and style. The process begins at one of the company’s globally located stores or pop-up shops with what is simply the most accurate and detailed measurement system available in custom footwear to date – an innovative 360-degree scan of each foot.




With measurements in hand, the customer is then invited to select a shoe silhouette from a wide array of classic and contemporary styles including the Oxford, Derby, Loafer, Boot, Boat shoe and even Golf shoe. From there each shoe is further customized by material, color, sole and inscription – guaranteeing a depth of selection that will leave a shoe wearer covered from boardroom to beach.






With measurements gathered and details decided, each man’s order is sent to Portugal where master artisans – each with decades of shoe making experience – craft the end product from the finest leather and suede tanned in Italy.










From scan and order to final delivery, each custom tailor made shoe typically arrives within six weeks, and at prices ranging from $395 – $675 (shipping included) they are arguably an indulgence worth taking for a spin. View the full collection online at The Left Shoe Company or, for our US based readers, at their new flagship store at 8473D Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles, CA.



Photos: The Left Shoe Company