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New Art by Giles Miller

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The Gregorian Series by Giles Miller


The London based studio of Giles Miller specializes in the creation of innovative sculpture born of the interplay between light, reflection, and texture. The studio’s projects range in size from small scale art to architectural pavilions, and their work has graced the interiors and exteriors of some of the world’s most exclusive brands. At this year’s Maison&Objet Paris, Giles was hand picked by famed designer Ross Lovegrove to receive the prestigious ‘Rising Talents’ award – shown here are just three beautiful reasons why…


The Gregorian Series by Giles Miller

The ‘Gregorian Series’ after Pope Gregory XIII’s 1582-designed Gregorian calendar (still used today), Giles Miller’s latest creations go small scale through a series of 12 works of art.


The Gregorian Series by Giles Miller


The Gregorian Series by Giles Miller

piece stands for one of the 12 months of the year, and its metal components are manufactured using the same precision technology applied to the creation of electrical circuit boards.


The Gregorian Series by Giles Miller


The Gregorian Series by Giles Miller

compositions take inspiration from the solar and lunar sources of light and reflection – with each one telling the story of a single month via a collection of hundreds of tiny angled mirrors. The final compositions reflect a dynamic and sparkling array of patterns in stainless steel, brass, and copper – offering up a perfect dose of small-scale eye candy from a studio that normally goes large.


The Gregorian Series by Giles Miller


A portion of all Giles Miller proceeds go to the Cancer Research charity.



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