NEW YORK DESIGN WEEK 2014: Apparatus’ New Collections

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Good morning gumdrops. We’re diving into this year’s ICFF / New York Design Week (NYCxDESIGN) coverage with a series of new fixtures from the fast darlings of the lighting design world – Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson of Apparatus studio. Founded in 2011, Apparatus’ first fixtures were born of a fusion of sculptural form, hand-worn materials and a passion for uniquely modern design. Three years later Apparatus continues with a hands on approach, assembling each fixture out of their New York studio – innovating and growing their collection along the way. Making its debut just last week, Apparatus’ stunner for 2014 has been their horsehair fixtures but their remaining new additions are not to be missed either. Hope you enjoy them all…




HORSEHAIR PENDANT & SCONCE – a robust combination of horsehair, brass and etched glass. Prices begin at $4,400 for the sconce and $10,200 for the pendant.






LARIAT PENDANTS & SCONCE – ropes of brass mesh suspend etched glass teardrops that appear to elongate under the pull of their own weight. Solid brass knot-clamps serve to gather multi-drop versions. Prices begin at $1,900 for the sconce and $5,700 for a three drop pendant.





TRAPEZE PENDANT & CEILING OR WALL FIXTURE- available in brass or hand cast porcelain bowl options, the Trapeze collection was inspired by the tension and dynamics of the eponymous circus act. Pricing begins at $720 for a single brass bowl and $7,200 for a ten porcelain bowl pendant.




AXON TABLE & FLOOR – brass bowls topped with slumped glass lids complete with metal touch dimmers. Pricing begins at $2,400 for the table version and $3,800 for the floor.

D will be covering more of New York Design Week 2014 as the week goes on. Happy Memorial Day. To view all coverage from New York Design Week 2014, click through to Part II and Part III.


Photos via Apparatus



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