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Minimalist Apartment by Magdalena Keck | DPAGES



and NYC based interior designer Magdalena Keck is known for her conceptual minimalist approach to design. Her interiors are informed by a keen sense of balance which she achieves through the interplay of material, light, and volume – a signature approach that renders what is left bare as important as what is furnished. Standing as an apt case study of Keck’s aesthetic, which often walks the line between artful installation and contemporary design, is a recently completed client apartment at the Four Seasons Private Residences New York Downtown…


Minimal White Dining Room by Magdalena Keck | DPAGES


Set in an 82-story building designed by Robert A.M. Stern – the two bedroom, 1,500 square foot residence is located high above the city on the 63rd floor. It’s this preternatural height that drove the concept behind Keck’s design – inspired by the atmosphere at 700 feet.


Wood & Marble Kitchen by Magdalena Keck | DPAGES


Pulling from the hazy views, Keck opted for a palette of warm whites, soft textures and pale woods. In contrast, furnishings were selected for their crisp geometries – effectively echoing the built city surrounds. In the dining room, a clean-lined bleached maple dining table by Mark Jupiter is punctuated by a pendant light by Michael Anastassiades and surrounded by dining chairs by Egg Collective.


Modern White Bedroom by Magdalena Keck | DPAGES


Art was a primary focus throughout the neutral-hued apartment, beginning in the dining room with a black and white photo by Robert Andersen and a flanking saw-toothed sculpture by Dominic McHenry. In the master bedroom, a similarly graphic black and white print by Donald Judd makes a bold statement, balanced by a plush 1960s Italian daybed and colorful triptych of Robert Andersen Marfa photos just across the way. Though deceptively simple upon first glance, Keck’s nuanced approach to this sky-high apartment offers a fascinating design perspective on life at 700 feet up in the air.


1960s Italian Daybed Revamp by Magdalena Keck | DPAGES


Design by Magdalena Keck Interior Design

Photography by Jeff Cate



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