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Obumex Flagship Store



luxury is having a moment in the world of fashion and interiors. Emphasizing elegance, timeless design and high-quality materials, this trend leans towards soft minimalism and tailored sophistication, and champions the process of being ultra-selective by considering the aesthetic and emotional importance of each piece one acquires in relation to the next. Luxury kitchen and interior brand, Obumex, has held this artistic philosophy since its inception. A family run business launched in Belgium in 1960, it is known internationally for the savoir faire of its expert workforce who craft everything by hand using high grade natural materials. The secret to its success is that Obumex approaches the kitchen space as the beating heart of a home with furniture-like elements, allowing their rigorous process of design to connect with the wider vision of a building.


Obumex Kitchen



has just opened its first boutique on French soil in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, known as Paris’ cultural and artistic epicenter. More than just a showroom, the new boutique has a gallery-like quality, spotlighting Obumex’s knack for ‘uninterrupted’ design, where edges, shapes and textures flow seamlessly to create a kind of visual rhythm that allows the architecture to be felt as well as seen.


Luxury Kitchen



and order usher in a sense of the serene, while mottled stone, light wood and woven fabric surfaces allow the gaze to revel in the tactility of the environment thanks to a bespoke service that honors a natural and authentic finish.


Bespoke Kitchen Island



the focus here is on the essence of materiality, whereby the eye is encouraged to travel and absorb a variety of subtle and compelling patterns. These include the curves of the travertine stone seen on the backsplash and central worktop, as well as the distinctive grains of the different types of woods: bleached walnut for the cabinets, natural pinewood for the island base and bleached elm for the parquet floor. A swirling brass chandelier by the New Delhi-based designer, Paul Matter, acts as a crescendo in this whispered world of geometric and organic lines.


Custom Kitchen



textures creates visual depth as evidenced by the kitchen’s tall cupboards, which combine a sleek wooden framework with woven, heavy weight fabric panels. Similarly, skillfully crafted details such as the craggy surface of the travertine stone tabletop and the deep ridges of the wooden cabinetry, bring elements of nature into the interior creating a composition that is at once inviting and well-ordered.


Kitchen Dining Nook



seating area takes the edge off of the corner wall with a sinuous line that is carried through into furnishings, including a Baba Chair by Emmanuelle Simon noted for its soft round cushion and fleecy ‘donut’ back. Indeed, many features throughout Obumex’s flagship retain clear echoes of a curving form which can be traced back to the boutique’s travertine and wood arched portals and carved recesses.



Minimalist Powder Room



kidney-shaped mirror sits above an equally sculptural hardstone sink, while a small study area features a custom-crafted oak desk with a fluid and curvilinear silhouette. Both pieces look more like Anish Kapoor sculptures than functional objects, underscoring Obumex’s skillful and romantic vision which places the brand firmly at the beginning of the frontier of quiet luxury.


Obumex Paris


Custom Desk Design


Design: Obumex

Photography: Verne Photography




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